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From Human Capital to Innovations


I have to admit story telling was not always one of my strongest qualities. Unfortunately I didn’t learn from the best: my dad. He is my hero when it comes to storytelling. When I was little he invented small anecdotes about our tiny forest next door with different animal characters. Every evening he had to continue and I couldn’t sleep without hearing one of his stories.

Well, telling a story about an economic topic is actually not that easy and needs practice. But let’s get this started and see if I nevertheless learned something from my dad.

The Future does not fit in the Containers of the Past

Two TED talks, one discussion round and one interesting video of Mr. Rishad, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer of VivaKi, further I am overwhelmed by their ability to present and their research results. And once again the key factor which got to me the most is called innovation.

Everyone agrees to this point may it be Erik Brynjolfsson, with Race Against The Machine, or Robert Gordon, with his influential paper Is US Economic Growth Over?, or Mr. Rishad, who says that we have to be “flying cockroaches”.

In either opinion my it be the more pessimistic alternative, as Robert Gordon describes it or the overall more optimistic one, as Erik Brynjolfsson elaborates about, they all agree that the future will show if this generation and the one to come is smart and innovative enough to continue growing.

Next question is how do we grow? Is there something like a magical tool that we need to discover before we are able to grow steadily again? Probably the most important tool has already been invented: the Internet. Just as Mr. Rishad says, most people view this tool as a magical one because they don’t entirely understand it except for some geeks and that’s totally fine because you as an individual don’t need to know everything. You need to have other people that are able to help you. So team work is the next essential key factor.

And as far as I learned it for today, innovation and team work are the most important tools one need to have to be able to continue growth.

Have a look at these three talks of three different approaches to the factor Human Capital and I am curious if you get to the same result as me about the key factors that are getting more and more important in our generation.


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